Friday, January 23, 2009

Working on the Wheel

Hello, in my electronic design class we had to create a client and make a logo, newspaper ads, and a website layout for. I made up a pottery studio that taught classes, and offered an open studio for members. The name I came up with was The Potter's Nook. The first logo I had was an owl, but several classmates didn't really like it, and I agreed that it didn't really fit well with the pottery theme. The second logo replaced the owl with a vase that I altered in photoshop. These are my two ads, the first is a black and white made for a newspaper, and the second is color for a magazine. I definitely think the colored one works much better. I will post the website design soon.


  1. Very nice work... I am impressed. I'm not much of an artist so i know how hard that can be...

  2. Very cool! So, I am guess you designed the background for your blog header??