Thursday, May 17, 2012

de la Bruere for State Representative

This year there are two seats opening for State Representative in the district I live in.  Tim is going to run, and we are gearing up to start the campaign.  The election will be in November, so this summer will be busy!  Here is the logo I made for him,  and check out his FB Page to keep up to date with the campaign.

New Painting

I have started a new painting a few weeks ago, I am almost done with it, but the last week was a crazy one, we had a party for Tim's 30th B-day, getting the place ready took some time, lol.  But here is where the painting is as of today.  It will end up being a Krishna, the blue Hindu God, I just need to finish the face, hair and some more details.  I'm not sure yet if I will be doing some kind of design behind him.


Shops at the EastSide

As you know I have been doing work for the EastSide Restaurant, where I also work in the gift shop.  There are really three stores there, Giftwrecked the shop, the Bakery, and the Clothing Boutique.  I did a new logo for the Shops at the EastSide, and also made a Facebook Page, where you can keep in touch with specials and sales.

Included in the shops is a Bridal Boutique and Prom Dress / Tuxedo Rentals.  Here are some of the ads and posters I have been doing to promote the business.

Medication Reconciliation Poster

This is a poster that I did for friends who work at the local hospital.  They had a presentation in Paris to go to, and needed a handout and display poster to present their topic with.

And here they are with the poster on display.