Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Satyr

The Satyr, 16x24 acrylic on canvas.  I plan to do a series of them.

Doctor Day 2011

Today March 30th, is National Doctor's Day, and I did a series of ads for our hospital, and a direct mail campaign.  The mailer piece was sent out asking for donations to be made in the name of a doctor of your choice.  This is the cover and the inside cover.


And here are the ads, they ran black and white in the papers except for the last one, but I like the color better.   Each ad represents a department of doctors, and there are descriptions for each one.

Butterworks Farm

I recently did a logo design for Butterworks Farm, a local dairy farm in the area.  This design will be on their 5lb grain bags.  

The granary building was a fairly new construction and they wanted it shown in a drawn by pen and ink style.  The farm is really beautiful and very Vermontish, here are some pictures of it. 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

East Hill Maple

Logo for East Hill Maple, I never really know much about sugaring before, it is quite an impressive operation.  We just tapped a few trees around the neighborhood today, amazing that you can make something so tasty out of tree insides!