Thursday, January 15, 2009

Universal Medicine

I did these two in December, the first is the Aztec God of Medicine, Patecatl. It was for Tim's brother who is a pharmacist, he had been to South America a lot so I figured it would work. And I would love to be in South America right now, currently it is -6 below zero, brrrrr! The second is the Mayan symbol for the Universe. I really liked the design and the contrast against the background looked cool. The texture of the background reminded me of water. Also these are the first paintings I tried a gloss varnish on. It is basically a clear sealer that you can paint over with, and it makes the canvas shiny. It looks good on these, and really makes them stand out when on a wall.


  1. I have one question for you. What is a Milton dollar home?

    It's cold here too.. but not below zero. Its been in the teens all week. Today its warm... 27˚... and i just looked out my window and i see the most snow i've seen since i've been here... still only less than an inch though.

  2. You really seem to be growing as an artist! Comparing your most recent works to the pieces in your art show, you can see quite a difference. It almost seems like they were done by someone else.

    I really like the Mayan symbol.

    P.S. It is currently NEGATIVE 17. My dog refused to ask to go outside and do his business in these temperatures...instead he went on the floor. I can't say I blame him.

  3. Beautiful as usual!