Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thought for the Day

"Spiritual realization is to see clearly that what I perceive, experience, think, or feel is ultimately not who I am, that I cannot find myself in all those things that continually pass away. What remains is the light of consciousness in which perception, experiences, thoughts, and feelings come and go. That is Being, that is the deeper, true I."

In the next few days I will be playing around with my digital camera, I haven't taken many pictures lately for artistic purposes, and I feel like I should get back into the game. It is always fun to see what a shot looks like when placed into frame, the separation from context makes it something entirely new. I think I will also put up pictures that I did in photography class at Saint Mike's,
working in the darkroom was one of my favorite things to do.
One day when I have money I want to have my own darkroom....


  1. We have many plants to take pictures of... What do you have in mind? Or is that just the problem, you need to see it in the camera before you know its a good picture? I need an art education Thomas. Your just the man to give it to me

  2. Yay! I love photos! I want a new cameraaaaaaaa