Saturday, April 11, 2009

Building A Website

Hello, hope everyone is having a nice Easter weekend. This is a link to the website I am making in class. It isn't much, but it took a while to figure out how to do this much, lol. Though I think I am starting to get the hang of it, Dreamweaver is a great program and I recommend it to anyone wanting to do web design. We're using a domain we get from school for free, but I definitely want to get my own, any ideas as to a good domain host site? I know there are some that aren't that expensive.


  1. Looks good! Very clean, I like the white. I'm a big fan of basic websites with not to much crap everywhere.

    Can I make some suggestions? Since you're a designer, I'd make your links (ie, your about me, contact, portfolio) as some sort of picture. Maybe use the same font as you used above with the logo, and maybe even use that symbol in mini form next to the word. You could either make it one big gif file for all three, then make the words clickable (I forget all the technical terminology, but you can do it in dreamweaver easily), or you can make three separate jpgs or something and put it into the table... but get rid of the table border.. It looks too amateurish.

    The other thing that sort of bothered me is the fact that the images for your "design, paintings and drawings" are slightly different sizes, so that there is some white space between where the border of the table rests and where the image is, since the table will always fit the largest image. I'd get rid of the table border all together, then resize the images so that they are all even and equal sizes.

    That's just my thoughts... It's your website, and obviously you just started, so I know you're planning on doing a lot more with it. But, that's just my two cents... I spent a lot of time doing web design in High School and, while I never got that great at scripting myself, it made me quite a critic of other people's work... But I think the most important thing, the thing that makes me more angry about a web site than anything else, is making things easily accessible. When I go to a web site and it takes me 5 minutes to find what I need, it's really really frustrating. Not to mention when you CANT find what you're looking for. You need to think to yourself: Why is this person here? Then make the things that they need the most easily accessible. You did that, and that's the most important. Aesthetics come later.

    Maybe you could add one more link (or maybe include that in contact) about how to hire you to design something. You know.. for in the future that you could be using this website in real life to get work....

  2. Don't worry, this isn't how it will look in the end at all, for our first assignment we had to make three pages with e-mail link, a table, a paragraph, and pictures. Thanks for the advice, I will definitely follow it!