Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Neptune was the god of the sea in Roman mythology. He is most identifiable as a tall, white-bearded figure carrying a trident, a three pronged fisherman's spear. Fittingly, he is often pictured with fish as well as with horses, another animal with which he is closely linked since he was also thought to oversee the sport of horse-racing. These horses drew the chariot in which he was said to travel over the sea.

The worship of Neptune, as the Roman version of Poseidon, is another example of cross-cultural assimilation in the ancient world where a great deal of dialogue and syncretism among different civilizations took place—not merely strife and warfare.

This is a 9x12 drawing done with pencil and charcoal I finished today. I have always liked Neptune, and the entire mythology of those ancient gods. I took a nude dra ing class my sophomore year in college. Since then I haven't really drawn any nudes, since obviously I don't have access to a bunch of naked people. But drawing the human body is very hard, and I don't want to forget everything I have learned.


  1. Is he a friend you met at the penguin plunge?

  2. You're moving?! Why!? I want to see you before you go. I'll meet you wherever you like.