Friday, March 13, 2009


In Roman mythology, Mercury was a messenger, and a god of trade, profit and commerce. Mercury has influenced the name of a number of things in a variety of scientific fields, such as the planet Mercury. The word mercurial is commonly used to refer to something or someone erratic, volatile or unstable, derived from Mercury's swift flights from place to place. The term comes from astrology and describes the expected behavior of someone under the influence of the planet Mercury.
This is another 9x12 pencil and charcoal drawing. I tried to get a sense of movement with the body. The feet were the hardest part to do, the left foot is cut off from the scanner, but it didn't look that good so I'm glad you can't see it, lol. Any suggestions for another god to do?

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  1. Very nice! But i want to see another geisha.
    love ya